Are you ready to visit Sicily in a new way? Smartphone in your hand, headphones in your ears, you are now about to discover the best of the island!

Trip2Sicily is the must have app for your experience in Sicily. It helps you discover the city as a local, suggesting how to move around, the most wonderful places to visit, the best accomodation, restaurants and nightlife. Complete and easy to use, it's the only app that provides you with the audio guides, ready to download and listen wherever you are.

 Audioguides: Let our voice guide you through the most wonderful corners of the city: monuments, historical places, streets, buildings and churches will have no more secrets for you!

 Useful Information : All the practical information for your trip in Sicily always available: transport, museums, attractions, parks, accommodations, restaurants, nightlife and typical purchases (local produce, authentic souvenirs, traditional food).

 Tips by locals: Curiosities, stories, suggestions and ideas that only the locals know.

Trip2Sicily is available for iOs and Android devices: download it for free on Apple Store or Google Play, and enjoy your trip!


What is different about Trip2Sicily

Trip2Sicily is not just an app. It's a unique experience to share with local people. A package full of ideas and valuable advice from locals who can guide you towards an amusing and fascinating experience, beyond the limited steriotype routes. Whith Trip2Sicily you can navigate freely between the categories: transport, museums, where to eat, where to sleep, fun&shopping.The best section above all, which we are very proud of is our audioguide! Listen to the history of our very beautiful city. If you would like a more in-depth city tour, you can buy the compete audiotour or choose individual city places.

Welcome!  We are now starting a little "Virtual Tour".

Trip2Sicily has a very simple and intuitive GUI. Here we have a little visual guide in order to better understand our product, starting from the Home.

Multilingual - Did you know that Trip2Sicily is in the process of expanding the language section? At the moment, italian and english are the options for useful information, tips by locals and audioguides. In the near future, french, german and spanish will be included as well.

Menu - Are you feeling hungry or tired? Would you like to take a fun exploration? What about a quiet culturaaal stroll around the city? Whatever you want to do, Trip2Sicily can help you to choose a personal tour, more than you could imagine by yourself. It's all in the click of a button!

Maps - Pin point the attractions or the recommended places with our map of the city.

 Once in the Menu section, you need to choose the city you are interested in and select it. At this point you’ll find the sections described above: Audioguides, Museums, Transportations, Food, Hotels and so on.

  Do you feel like eating some "granita" or any other local speciality? Do you need some hints about some affordable accomodations? Do you want move around the city or visit a museum?

  Trip2Sicily is all of this and even more. It joins the richness of audiguides with precious advices about this wonderful island, about its food, culture, museums... and all this comes from locals.

  All you have to do is just click the right button, that let you in your favorite section.

 Very soon we’ll provide a Fun&Nightlife section, with a rich and continually updated list showing the latests news about events, concerts, meeting, nightclubs. We are sure you’ll find some interesting hints and you'll amuse yourself!

The category that we are the most proud of is our Audioguide.

Audiotour - Every audiotour is a journey comprising of different points of interest or routes. Every story of information is told by a different guide, one guide for each route of the itinerary. A real genuine tour of the city which we advise you to choose if you would a more in-depth experience of the city tour. You can also save money by paying for the complete package, rather than individual routes.

To visit -This option comprises of a single point of interest, an inidividual audioguide, a written description and a photo gallery. This option is recommended for tourists who would prefer to visit just one place or for tourists who have a limited time to stay in the city.

Only the Audioguide section requires an in-app purchase. There is always a free audioguide for every city (normally just an introduction and a brief history of the city), including major attractions, traditional food and also some points of interest.
Let us and our audioguides help you to discover the best places to visit!

 Once purchased the content you are interested in, you’ll find the Audioguide and be able to listen to the audiotour that will lead you through the cities while undercovering Sicily precious treasures. There are also descriptions and illustrations to provide a complete knowledge.

 The purchase is still efficient even changing your mobile or reinstalling the application af-ter having it removed from your phone. The point is: you won’t loose your mo-ney!

 You can manage the audioguide and keep listening even when you mobile turn to sleep mode. This way you can comfortably walk putting your device into your pocket or into your bag.

 You can also read the descriptions and look at the photos.

 Other sections don’t require purchase, but provide precious advices about food, accomodations, museum and every single aspect could be useful throughout your visit.

 And now we’ll go to the Maps Section!

Finally Trip2Sicily has a Maps Section.

The Maps show you the audiotours with their geolocalization. Every point to visit is a pin on the map and through the pin you can access the audioguide and its related informations (descriptions and photos) in a more interactive way. So the user has the chance to localize himself in relation to the tour’s locations.

Every point of interest into the tour has a given number. This way the visitor can follow the right path and enjoy aven more its tour.





Dove Dormire

Dove Mangiare

Fun & NightLife


Every corner of the city has a story to tell: let yourself be guided by our voice to discover them all! Choose to listen to the audioguide of a single site (a church, a palace, a square, a monument) or be inspired by the city tours we studied for you, consisting of multiple audioguides to hear depending on where you stand . It will be like walking around the city with your personal local guide!


Addresses, opening hours, tickets and events of all the museums and monuments of the city.


Getting around in town, going to the airport or station, planning your journey by subway or bus will be easy using the “Transport” section of Trip2Sicily.


From luxury hotels to the most characteristic and modern B&Bs, from camping to hostels, we have selected for you the best options to stay in town: contact them directly, without any service charge.


In Sicily, you know, food is a serious matter! Local experts recommend you the best places to enjoy the famous Sicilian cuisine: from star rating restaurants to street food, from the best granita to the typical “arancino” discover where local people love to eat.


With Trip2Sicily the journey is not only culture but also lots of fun! Shopping, markets, typical products, events, cocktails, parties and clubs to spend your nights out, dancing until late and enjoy the sunrise between the sea and the volcano.



Trip2Sicily was created by merging Next04 and Listen to Sicily, a cultural association that have been for many years travel assistant in Sicily giving tourists advice and audioguides. Trip2Sicily comprises two dedicated unions with great enthusiasm for technology and travel. Our team believe in the importance of welcoming, sharing and accomodating each and every visitor. We will be happy to show you our magnificent islan, wild nature combined with priceless works of art.



Anche se per adesso l'attenzione di Trip2Sicily si è focalizzata soprattutto sulla città di Catania, non tarderanno ad arrivare molto presto e per i più appassionati, nuove ed entusiasmanti novità : Noto, Ragusa, Modica, Siracusa e tante altre importanti perle di questa splendida isola! Stay Tuned!








What is Trip2Sicily?

 Che cos'è Trip2Sicily? Trip2Sicily is a new and complete app made to help you during your trip to Sicily. Quick and easy to use, it gives you all the practical information you need (transport, opening hours of museums and monuments , places to visit, where to eat, where to sleep) and above all provides you with the audioguides easy to download on your smartphone to visit the main cultural attractions of the city .

 Dove trovo Trip2Sicily? Trip2Sicily is available for both IOS and Android devices: download it for free from Apple Store and Google Play.

 How does it works? Travelling with Trip2Sicily will be like going around with a sicilian friend : advice, tips, information and itineraries have been created and verified by locals, to give you the most authentic experience. Choose the category to consult by clicking on the icons, browse within the app and download the audio guides on your smartphone: you can choose whether to get the audio guide of a specific point of interest or the whole audio tour of the city.

 How much does it cost? To download and use of Trip2Sicily without audioguides is totally free: all functions and services in the app are free and without limitations. You'll be required to make a small payment only to download the audioguides (from € 0,99 to € 7,99)

 What is the in-app payment? Trip2Sicily offers you the opportunity to download and listen as many times as you want to over 60 audio guides. You'll be required to make a small payment (from € 0,99 to € 7,99). Choose the audio guide of your interest and pay safely by credit card directly within the app.

 Is the app payment safe to use? The Trip2Sicily app is directly processed from the Play Store and Apple Store. The high standard and security from these recomended sites are world reknown.